The Difference is our Expertise

The Difference is our Expertise


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Upholstery Spring Wire

  • Manufacture of mattresses and furniture

Music Wire

  • Springs for tension, compression and torsion
  • Automotive forms
  • Musical instruments
  • Hold springs

Mechanical Spring Wire

  • Springs for the automotive industry, including control cables, precision springs and reinforced hoses
  • Agricultural applications, including greenhouse cultivation and bale wire
  • As reinforcement of air conditioning flexible ducts
  • Screens for mining, plastics, pharmaceuticals and sand industries, among others
  • Springs for appliances
  • Fabrication of hair barrettes and clips
  • Wire for the garment industry
  • Spiral springs for handbooks, paper clips, toys’ parts and much more

Tire Bead Wire

  • Regular and radial tires for cars, bikes and trucks
  • Air supports
  • High-pressure hose
  • Flexible duct

Low Carbon Wire

  • Displays
  • Construction panels
  • Ornamental displays
  • Grills for stoves
  • Electrodes for welds
  • Frames for fans
  • Rivet components
  • Nails and screws
  • Hooks
  • Bucket holders
  • Supermarket carts
  • Automotive shapes
Retenida® 1x7 Class

Retenida® 1x7 Class

  • Galvanized Guy Strand
  • 1x7
  • 1x19