The Difference is our Expertise

The Difference is our Expertise


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Camesa Wire and Wire Rope:  Raising the Bar
You want the best when it comes to high carbon wire and wire rope products, and Camesa delivers.  Our engineers, technicians and operators take great pride in producing the most consistent wire and wire rope on the market. You can count on us to increase your quality, output and productivity.

We understand the mission-critical demands on your wire supplier and you can trust us to exceed your expectations. After all, we supply the largest wire rope producers in the world: ourselves.  Camesa high carbon steel wire is used across a broad spectrum of applications, including (but not limited to): appliances, automobiles, power transmission, street sweeper brushes, prestressed concrete, fiber optic cable armoring, mattress and furniture inner springs, concrete railroad ties and bronzed wire for tire bead.

Our wire rope division serves the needs of numerous markets including industrial wire ropeelevator, miningfishing, drilling, construction and communications markets around the globe.  For additional wire rope products, please visit

Our wire division serves the needs of the constructioncommunication and automotive markets, in addition to industrial wire.

Founded in 1958, Camesa was acquired by WireCo WorldGroup in 2005. The combination of these two organizations strengthened our commitment and ability to fulfill the needs of the domestic and international high carbon wire and wire rope markets.

With expertise from around the globe, we guarantee product availability and quick turnaround – flexibility that is critical for your business.